June - July - August 2016

There is a new generation of Angels on Earth nowadays. They need wings to fly beyond the misery of the present-day life and make their dreams real. The last series of Astrid Klaasse Bos’ artworks show her confidant attitude towards the Youth of today. The artist paints ten portraits of young people, mostly teenagers, in order to represent the élan vital of this generation towards the future with a brilliant simultaneous contrast of colours technique. With some loose and constructive touches, and the essential polychromy typical of the Post-impressionism, the painter’s son is portrayed among other young people of the same age of Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring.

The suggestion of the late XIXth century “Northern light” arises when her subjects are encompassed by an aura of colourful brightness, spreading from their own feelings and dreams. Then she adds some more details, their divine attributes: angel wings, as well as flowers or Apple smartphones. Such features will help this multi-cultural generation to fulfill its self-realisation and live in a better world. They are young, but their gaze is full of deep consciousness about world’s suffering and self-awareness. Right underneath those innocent smiles, they know who they are, and what their task in this world is. Among them, a young Tibetan woman with tulips on her hair, symbolizing her refugee status. She wears wings. The Dutch artist portrays each subject catched in his ordinary life, by means of a contemporary impressionistic style, growing on a well-defined basis of realism. There’s a young dandy; a simple girl listening to music; a smart man on a beaming deep red background with a parrot on his hand, maybe an illusionist; a swimmer focused on the style effects of sparkling waters; an actress under the stage lights, and a beautiful lady with an amazing hairstyle, standing out against the light and dark background in elegant craquelure; an afro DJ wearing a t-shirt and headphones; a winged employee taking a selfie; a dancer waiting behind crimson curtains, a young gamer playing in the digital world. Astrid Klaasse Bos’ Ranks of Angels are all represented in a foreshorten vision: their future is now upcoming. Tekst: Roby Reali and Anna Maria Griseri

Angels on Earth: Seldon
Angels on Earth: Michele
Angels on Earth: Kim
Angels on Earth: Raymond
Angels on Earth: Michéle
Angels on Earth: Jimmy
Angels on Earth: Luc
Angels on Earth: Bas
Angels on Earth: Jamie-Lie
Angels on Earth: Bo
All the little lights
Dalai Lama